Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Decision Time Once Again

So our economy has been on a fairly wild ride since perhaps the year 2000......even earlier when you consider issues in 1987 and even back with the inflation of the '70s.

But in the past decade we lived through two bit bubble collapes.....the .COM bubble, and then the housing bubble.

So what was the big issue in the last bubble.....well, how about a debt that could not be sustained. That debt was in the hands of home buyers and that was then semi-transfered to banks and the government when homes went into the toilet.

But did we mop up that debt and get everything back in balance.....well, not really. In fact, I would say that you can not fix a problem of debt by adding even more debt. So I would say that we have essentially papered it all over for how.

Now what? Well....I think we have been blowing up another bubble....the bubble is now in our currency.....we have printed money like drunken sailors.....and if we are nor on our toes, it will fall on us like a lead balloon!

So now what? What do we savers invest in? Our money gets nothing in the bank, and I fear the money printing will cause inflation! What do we do to escape that?

Well....how about creating some sort of productive capacity....how about owning a business?\
That is what I think the best protection against the loss of savings, the development of a productive capacity....a skill or kind of useful work that people would pay for. We will see money printing taking a toll on the evaluation of our money.....that is, we will see inflation.

With our county is looking for is productive capacity....a skill or job that is in needed and people would barter for. Having a skill will be a good trade for the goods and services of all