Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roubini makes a nice summary of out path to the present issues in our economy....

Noriel Roubini outlines a very straight forward description of the events leading up to our present situation. He notes that the regulators have solved the excesses of one bubble by creating yet another. "Serial bubble makers".

According to Roubini, if the economy is a party, the fed is the controller of the punch bowl.....and when the fed saw the partiers getting a little to drunk and going into an unsustainable bubble position, they should have taken away the punch bowl....but they instead added volka and whisky...causing us to "fix" that bubble with yet another and larger one somewhere else.

He thinks we might be out of places to build bubbles, and it might be time to address the problem.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

These videos show Roubini's thoughts on the economy going forward....

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another Jim Rogers Interview.....broken record, yes....but still an interesting perspective ....

More from Jim Rogers.....he believes in markets and letting markets pick the winners and losers.......not bad, if you are on the non-losing side I suppose!

Jim Rogers doesn't sound like Noriel Roubini....more like Peter Schiff.

It sounds like a "let them fail" vs "Pump them up" when Roubini talk about Nationalizing the banks. (though both agree that Zombie banks are a very bad thing!)

What do you think?

I'm worried that people who have been savers will be the "suppliers" of the money needed for the bail-outs. It doesn't seem to fair to make those who have been responsible to pay fop those who maxed out their credit cards. (or used their house as a giant ATM over the years)

I suppose I am sporting more of a Peter Schiff / Jim Rogers mindset.

Interesting Interview: HANNITY SPEECHS WITH TRUMP ABOUT THE OBAMA ECONOMY (warning, conservative points of view here! :-)

I am not sure what I think of Trump as he is such a multi-faceted guy....good at business, but perhaps a better I am not always sure when the business ends and the Marketing guy begins....but he makes some good points and have interesting insight.

Three Top Economists Agree 2009 Worst Financial Crisis Since Great Depression

Now 2009 really a lost cause?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sound familar? Pehaps replace Wall Street with Housing....replace 1929 with perhaps 2001?

I know people think of 2008 as the start....perhaps it started with what we called the .COM bust....with a slight recovery via further inflation of the housing bubble.

Note the quote: "I knew it was time to get out when shoe shine boys are giving stock tips".....think about housing profits and how "average" people like you and me were able to take profits from their house as though it was a big-money-stuffed though we were all such savvy investors. (didn't we see we were not?)

We shall see...check out the video:

I like the idea of there needing to be a Catalyst to get economies going....and also, "good news" from Roubini at the end of this video!

The concept that we need to come up with something to invest in....something that will add value and be WANTED and NEEDED by people...people of the USA for sure, but perhaps we need to consider people of the world.

If we can create that "product" or "service", there WILL be investment to make that grow. We seem to be trying to "push" the rope to make lending happen....perhaps the lending will happen if we concentrate on something that will create "pull".

Interesting perspective from someone who has always marched to a different drummer - Felix Rohabyn on the Financial Crisis