Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A biased video for sure.....but it does look as though people like Schiff were right....

Yes....this video clearly has a bias, but I do remember Schiff saying these things....so whether by luck or knowledge, he seems to have been correct.

Now, another guy who was talking about the bad stuff we are now in....Nouriel Roubini, economics professor at NYU Stern School.

He suggests that we can just write off 2009 as the year of global recession.

More from Roubini today:

From YOUTUBE and Voice of America: A group called Teach For America saw a 36 percent spike in applications

This year a group called Teach For America saw ...
This year a group called Teach For America saw a 36 percent spike in applications. The organization recruits college graduates to help fill a teacher shortage in economically disadvantaged areas of America. The organization's leaders say some college graduates are committing to public service because of the economic downturn but also many feel a renewed spirit of public service.
VOA's Brian Padden recently visited a Teach for America member who says teaching is much harder than she anticipated -- but changing the world is never easy.

Here is a shocker.....bad economy is affecting college graduates!

A news article from the Voice of America!

New North American Union: Security and Prosertity Partnership! (funded by the USA?)

How can this stuff actually happen.....so far under the radar? (can it possibly be true?)

Check out the US Government website if you still wonder.....
From the website:

SPP Background

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was launched in March of 2005 as a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing.

This trilateral initiative is premised on our security and our economic prosperity being mutually reinforcing. The SPP recognizes that our three great nations are bound by a shared belief in freedom, economic opportunity, and strong democratic institutions.

The SPP provides the framework to ensure that North America is the safest and best place to live and do business. It includes ambitious security and prosperity programs to keep our borders closed to terrorism yet open to trade.

The SPP builds upon, but is separate from, our long-standing trade and economic relationships. It energizes other aspects of our cooperative relations, such as the protection of our environment, our food supply, and our public health.


Voice of America Video reports that retailers have a poor Christmas 2008.....

The worst holiday shopping season since 1969.....we had 75,000 stores close in 2008.....expect the same number to close in the first half of 2009 alone.

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The economic news continues to be bad.....

It looks as though the rest of the world is looking forward to slow or almost non-existent growth next year......and being lead by the USA.

Note that this report does not indicate that China or India will be in recession in 2009.....only Japan, Europe and the USA.

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Bill Crutchfield Speaks.....

I just bought some car stereo equipment for my girlfriends son, and wondered if the place we bought it from would be around in a year. I mean we almost bought it from Circuit City or Best Buy and they seem to be straining under the weight of the present economic climate.

Then on the Crutchfield website ( the place I bought the stuff), I saw the following....which made me feel good!

Our valued customers,

The international financial crisis is weighing heavily on all of us. As consumers, one factor that we all need to consider is the stability of the companies with whom we do business. In the current economic climate, many retailers will stumble and some will even fail. For that reason, I personally want to explain Crutchfield’s unique situation.

For many years, I have been concerned about the growing credit bubble. It was obvious to me that it was unsustainable and that an inevitable day of reckoning would come. To protect our customers, our employees, and my family from the disastrous consequences of a financial meltdown, I positioned Crutchfield to withstand the worst. We became very frugal with how we spent money. We did not pay outlandish executive salaries and bonuses. We did not build fancy facilities. We did not expand our retail store operations. And we did not buy other companies. Instead, we worked extremely hard to improve how we serve our customers, while we managed every aspect of our business with excellence. Furthermore, we paid off all of our debt and accumulated cash reserves.

When shopping in times like these, you need to be certain that the retailer will be around to provide you with years of after-the-sale support. We know that you expect guarantees, warranties and promises of lifetime product support to be kept when you purchase with us – and I have positioned our company to deliver without compromise on all of these important elements. As retailers go, Crutchfield is a “Rock of Gibraltar.” We have no debt, a perfect credit rating and a legacy of fiscal prudence. Therefore, we will be around to serve you as we have served millions of customers for the past 34 years and throughout the last four recessions.

Purchasing from Crutchfield today means you are choosing a company that will help you use and enjoy your purchase now and in the future. I hope that you’ll give Crutchfield a chance to exceed your expectations. I thank you for your time and, most importantly, for doing business with Crutchfield.

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Nice post on patience and getting ahead!

The title of the BLOG post is:

"5 Things The Marshmallow Test Can Teach You About Money Management"

and it is found on "Millionaire Mommy Next Door" BLOG. It is a very good synopsis of how being able to "wait" for opportunity can mean all the difference in the end. (after compounding and other leverage has done its work)

Check it out....

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