Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teaching kids about money.... (how to handle it, and hopefully how to save)

A while ago I wrote a BLOG post describing how my wife Cheryl and I tried to teach our kids the value of saving...and how to put money away for later purchases. (or a rainy day)

The idea was to make them see the value of saving, and the value of interest paid for doing so.....I just had to exagerate the interest so that they would "see" how it works in a short time.....vs over 20 years.

Well, there are plenty of other aspects of handling money that we need to teach our kids....and I remembered that when I read this article that was written to explain just that.

But let me say this about all of that.....I truly believe that money is but a tool. We must not let it rule us.....but we MUST rule it, or at least respect the place it has in our society. (and take responsibility for ourselves)

My dad used to say, "Money doesn't make the world go around, but it sure greases the wheel." I believe that, and it means we at least have to make it a part of our sphere of responsibility. We don't want to worship it, but need to take responsible of it in our lives.

So teaching our kids about it is important if we ever expect them to do the same.

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Something important to think about when you have children.

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