Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bottom Line......I'm losing about 5% of my investments already this year!

The bottom line for me so far this year is that I am currently losing 5% of my invesmtment money at this point......and we are less than a month into it!

I'm not even counting the value loss of my house......I have been told that this would be upwards of about 15%...but that isn't really "real" until I sell it. My investments are "real" in that I pay taxes on some of the gains I made last while I don't have the cash in my hot hands, I will have the check to pay for it soon.

But the big question.....what to do, how to defend.....I'm not sure.

So I suppose this BLOG isn't all that useful.....plenty of warnings and "sky is falling" with little in the way of solutions.

Maybe next time.......

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It could be a lot more than five percent.

4:47 PM EST  

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