Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Layooff announcement makes me think about my budget

The recent annoucement of layoffs by Sun Microsystems has once again made me think a bit about my household budget.

It's not that my budget is out of control....on the contrary, it is running quite well. My cash outlay for my daughters school was never part of the regular monthly budget because it is just too much to be paid for that way. (We saved for it, so it sort of comes out of a pool of money set-aside for that)

But I should get "selected", it is not clear that the severance package will be very big, and I already know what unemployment pays. (eeek....time to go back to the Airport to suppliment my income?)

The good news is that it was only last night that I was called by a start-up company in North Carolina about a job there. Let me be perfectly clear though....I am NOT excited about going to North Carolina.....for many reasons! So even if I was laid off two minutes from now, I would not consider that kind of move. (too many reasons to want to stick around.....friends and family being the big things)

But I would have to look at money saving things.....perhaps taking the van off the road......changing my driving habits to go back to 40MPG in the Civic. Turning off the water heater every night. (OK, so that's a very small savings) You get the picture......

But let me reiterate.....I have no plans to get laid off. I'm not sure that my position at work makes me more or less likely, but at this point I refuse to worry about it since it is totally out of my control.

We actually have a fair bit of money saved, and I would go and talk to Larry about perhaps putting more of it into "more" risky investments in order to gain a bit more income......but I'm not crossing that bridge unless I have to.

In the mean time, I will continue to save and do my best at work.

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