Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oops...it makes sense to go back and read my own BLOG posts!

It never even occurs to me to go back and read my own BLOG for good ideas!

Well, I was looking back at postings from March and I found one reminding myself that the girls have some US Government Bonds that are in their name that they can get tax benefit from if they utilize them for education.

In fact, this is exactly why my mother gave them.....for college!

Now that Kim is a senior, she needs to spend them this year on school.....or pay taxes on them when she ultimately cashes them in. I will have to talk to our accountant (Terry Strout) and ask him how we have to document their use as being for education. (Can we cash them in and just dump the money into checking and then write checks of an equal or greater amount for education expenses....and how do they define those anyways?)

So I guess I've learned something by reading my own BLOG.......if others come out with even a small bit of insight, I suppose I am doing something good. (at least I would like to hope so)

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