Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why are these Northern New England pieces of land suddenly coming my way?

The past three days have seen about four pieces of email come to me from realtors I have communicated with over the past 4 years?

A few years back Cheryl and I were looking at property in either Northern NH or VT, and there were several parcels of land that we almost bought.

We liked the area up there, and wanted a piece of land to eventually build on. Something that had more than a postage sized plot that might perhaps have a pond or nice stream on it. Big enough to have a lot of privacy, and be a part of the wilderness up there.

There was this 600 acre piece of land in Northumberland that was absolute heaven. It contained the peak of Morse Mountain, and when you stood on that 2000 foot peak and looked down at the Connecticut river you felt like your head was in the clouds! (and there was one time that it actually was, and I felt as though a lightning bolt was up there with us!)

But that land was a bit too rich for my wallet....

Then there was the 258 acre parcel in Western NH that was an old piece owned by a hermet farmer. It was sort of hidden in the woods, but accessed by car. That was within my price range, at only $45,000, and I should have bought it. But 20-20 hindsight is just that...hindsight.

Well, I'm not sure I want to be moving up to northern NH all by myself at this point, but when the email has been coming in I tend to rush to the listing and look at I did when Cheryl and I were looking those years ago. But this time there will be no trips to the property to check it out.

But for those of you interested in Northern NH, VT and Maine land, I recommend going to the Northern New England RealEstate Network and search there, There are good deals to be had in Northern New England. (and after Global warming takes hold, it will be a great place in the winter!)

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Sounds like a nice place to take a vacation.

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