Friday, January 05, 2007

The Wall Street Journal Does an Article on Saving Electricity

You may have remembered the BLOG entry I wrote about the Kill-A-Watt energy measuring device....on back a few months ago?

Well it seems the Wall Street Journal has finally found the device and one writer has gotten so excited about it he turned out an entire article on how to use it to save money.

Well, I love the device....and I bought one on Ebay for about $19.00....but you don't have to have one to do your own saving. Check out my past BLOG entry here that talks about a website you can use to learn and calculate your own savings. ( talked a little about mine in a BLOG post too)

Or even this Wisconsin Public Service web site that has a simple spreadsheet to help do the same.

It's all within with most things in life. We just have to get up off the couch and engage life....grab it by the horns as the Dodge commercial says!

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Excellent newspaper.

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