Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tax Time is rolling around....

I'm sorry for the large gap in my posts. I guess I have been getting sort of wrapped up in things around the house and work.

It is good to be busy at a time like this, but it is also good to get some sleep.

When I laid eyes on the cartoon to the left, it wasn't very funny. But it did take a situation that I was very much afraid of and bring it into perspective.

I was very afraid of approaching the taxes this year because this is the thing that Cheryl did so well. She was very organized and prepared. I on the other hand will have a tough time.

But the cartoon made me recognize that taxes are certainly not the worst thing that I will have faced this year...they will be a walk in the park compared to the last month or two.

We actually do or taxes with a friend of ours who is an accountant. I actually recommend him to everyone, though I think he mainly does small business work.

He sent me what he called an "Engagement Form" which was basically a through checklist of possibilities that gets you thinking about the documentation I need. I started off a bit worried as I flipped through the list....but after a while I would see the value of it because I gave me great clues as to the sorts of things I would be looking for and why.

I will not feel comfortable until the process is complete....but trust me, doing the taxes is not that bad....if you think so, it is something you can change easily......by using that thing that sits between your ears!




Great photos.

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