Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Have to get my eye back on the ball! (it's the economy stupid)

Yes, I have to admit that my focus has not been on the big picture these days. But I feel the hairs on the back of my neck bristling as I peek over my breakfast and look at the papers. (or talk to my brother in-law for that matter)

I sense that things are not are rosy as we are led to believe. I see houses in my neighborhood going up for sale..."by owner"....in the middle of the winter.

What's up with that?

My brother in-law is developing a property down in Mass and talk about the ultra-slow housing sales environment....and how it isn't getting better. (I guess we have seen that for the last year or so)

Perhaps it is my caution that makes me look for the dark cloud behind every silver lining....I'm not sure. But with words of possible war escalation brewing....and just minutes ago I see something about Congress warning the President about war in Iran....that would be horrible.

So, our investments have been doing just fine on "auto-pilot"......but in early December I did ask my advisor to cut back from 70 / 30% Stocks to bonds back to a 50/50 split....and with better diversification. I'm glad I did that.

As I said....time to poke my head out of my shell and start paying attention again.

I have two daughters in college and a mortage to pay.....I can't be losing money right now!




The economy is not good.

2:59 PM EDT  

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