Wednesday, December 06, 2006

China isn't just a Manufacturer....they are trying to LEAD the world's Technology Direction too

EVD players.....for the price if DVD...right! (that's $87 in case you were wondering)

We in the west like to think of China as our "manufacturing arm"....but the Chinese are not happy simply making our goods.

Sure, they know that there is plenty of value in that, but they see the great value in being the leaders and creators of those things.

But wait, isn't that what our leaders of industry and government have declared that we have carved out for ourselves....we would develop ideas and they would make them.

Sorry Charlie, China has a different notion of the world. They have always had their eyes on the whole process....and they didn't create this plan today. They have been sending people to school and positioning them in major industries all around the world for quite a while, carefully getting the knowledge and experience they need to bring it all back home.

But after experiencing the taste of life in a free and expanding US or European country, why would they bring their skills and knowledge back "home"?

....come on people, China is the fastest growing place on earth right is the wild west of the east! It is gold rush time in China, and who wasn't lured out west in the USA by the gold rush.

There are articles that talk about China having an 8% growth rate, but I keep reading news briefs about growth in the 9% and above range! (double digit growth has been reported over and over) That is exciting growth compared to the 2.6% we have here in the USA!

They have a statistic called Purchasing power parity, and they say China is very close to the USA already when you look at things from that perspective!

Here is an article I saw on the net that talk about China creating a new ultra-high density DVD standard that is supposed to blow away Bluray and HD-DVD. They say they want to make it a standard in China....well, this isn't the first standard they have tried to create in China. (going against the current world standards) They have apparently begin creating their own Cell ular system standards, their own WiFi networking standards, and their own encryption protocols.

None of it has stuck yet because they are still the 3rd largest market in the world....but you mark my words, when they get to #1, or even #2 with the kind of growth that are having....the world standards will be theirs. (we will have no option but to accept cell phones with Chinese keypads)

You heard it here first......(Ok, probably not first....but you heard it!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but they've still a long way to go to catch up to South Korea or Japan... or even Taiwan for that matter.

9:10 PM EST  

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