Saturday, October 21, 2006 in-house audit comes up close....

Wow, I pulled together a spreadsheet where I listed all the electrical devices I have in each room of the house with their measured power (both in use and in standby) and I then estimated their average daily use in operation and in standby.

I multiplied that all up and divided into my last bill of $102 to come up with a dollar cost per KW-Hr estimate....and guess what, without cheating I was darn close. (on pass one, without any fudging)

My spreadsheet came out with an average of 648 kW-Hrs per per month at a rate of 14.89 cents per Killowatt-Hour. The Department of Energy's statistics for the average cost of residential energy in NH as of June 2006 is 14.37 cents per Killowatt-Hour....considering that my numbers have taxes included in them, think that is probably remarkably close.


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