Sunday, October 22, 2006

What are your setback values?

I checked the battery in my thermostat, and then checked on the values I have programmed.

I have not adjusted the values for about 3 years. I guess we have always been frugal with our energy needs, and I think we have had a programmable thermostat since we first moved into the house.

Yes, we have extra blankets on the bed, and we sleep with the dogs there too.....

So our setback programs are as follows:
Monday - Friday: Saturday - Sunday
5:00am = 67F 7:00am = 67F
7:00am = 60F 10:00pm = 60F
5:00pm = 67F
10:30pm = 60F
So what are your thermostat settings?


Blogger moonfever0 said...

Now this is scary, although my times are slightly different, my temperatures are exactly the same!! My mom hates to visit us in the winter because it is always too cold in my house. Actually these temperatures are the warmer temps since we've had kids. Before kids, we were at 64°F in the day time!! Brrrr!! Back then we got away with only about 350 gallons of oil for the season.

11:36 AM EDT  

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