Saturday, October 21, 2006

Energy Conservation and Supplier Choice in NH?!

I went out to look for websites that talk about electrical energy conservation, or just general savings and I came across a whole bunch of interesting resources.

First there were the sort of sites I was looking for. Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has a page on doing a sort of energy check-up. They talk about insulation, air leaks and a few other energy wasting situaion that you yourself can look for and assess.

They also have a page with some sort of Energy Calculator to help you figure your personal situation. (I say "some sort of" because the page requires a registration, and while I have registered, I still have not received access....their systems obviously isn't fully computer automated)

The PSNH has a page that they refer to as an Appliance Usage List. This page lists all the appliances typically found in a home and their typical power requirements. This will lessen the need to buy a Power measuring meter like the "Kill-A-Watt" I blogged about several posts ago. (you can get them cheaper on EBay)

They then have a page titled Energy Quick Tips that presents a list of tips to save energy. I found many of them to be obvious, but quite frankly, not things I do simply because my mind is not in a "save-energy" frame of mind. Reading these tips reminded me of some of these simple ideas, and helps to reinforce a sort of "let's save by using common sense" state of awareness.

But the thing that I did learn that was really new to me was this program of energy choice that has been forwarded in NH. It is apparently the concept that competition is the way to lower prices, and so the Public Utilities Commission has worked on a way to separate the distribution part of the energy business from the energy supply part. We will apparently be billed separately, and so we can "choose" the energy supplier as we would like.....for whatever reasons we want. (if you like safe, green power...there is a company there for you)

So there is apparently a FAQ and a whole lot of information on the Public Utilities Commission Website. This page shows the "big picture" for those of you who like to see things graphically as I do.

One concept is that you will be able to buy as a part of a larger group and save by buying in bulk. I'm not sure any of these bigger groups have been defined, but it is a good idea I guess. They even have a webpage that gives you a comparison worksheet to help you organize yuour thoughts for a decision. (it is even availible in PDF form)

So the world of energy is changing....time to poke my head out of my hole and check it out...

In the mean time, I am off to the store to get some weather stripping! (I'm starting with the small stuff....sort of a bottoms up approach!)

Then there is the Energy Star Pledge....again, it costs nothing and actually does nothing....except perhaps plant that seed in your own head that will hopefully grow into a constant stream of thoughs to "be frugal"...."make good choices that save". (plus, the page has coupons for money off on bulbs and fixtures that same money)


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