Saturday, October 15, 2011

Now what am I doing......where have I been!?!??

Well, I suppose I simply slipped away from my computer and perhaps ended up too attached to things like FACEBOOK.

But, I have never left my life of following the investment world, the economy and the employment scene.

I remain employed by the same company.....well, except for it being acquired by Oracle honestly, things have changed significantly since they bought us, but for the most part, for the better. We are making money and that was tough for us when we were Sun Microsystems.

My investments have changed a bit too....I added a 2nd Financial Advisor and I have taken some of my money under my own wing. No, no...I am not day trading. No, I simply play in a different arena, and a place I can't find an advisor to play in so I do it to broaden my diversification.

Without using money, let me toss out my investments as they sit today.

Financial Advisor #1:
Holds about 45% of my money
Invests in Bond and Equity funds
  • 70% Bond Funds
  • 20% Equity Funds
  • 10% Cash
Financial Advisor #2:
Hold about 20% of my investments
Invests in three different REITs and Annuity of Equities and Bond funds (started as a 50/50 split and I consider the REITS to be my toe into real estate)

Work 401K Fund: (self directed)
Holds about 20% of my investments
  • 70% in Bond Funds
  • 30% in Equities including maybe 15% in Oracle Stock
My Self-Directed Currency/Commodities Investments:
Holds about 15% of my investments
  • 70% of it are in currencies or CD's in other currencies
  • 30% of it is in Gold
I hold the following currencies (I mostly consider this CA$H)
  • Brazilian Real
  • Swiss Franc
  • Australian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Chinese Yuan
  • US Dollar
I like this level of diversification as I have it spread across investment people, across asset classes, and across products / markets. Right now my Gold is holding it's own because I made a huge gain on a sum I bought at about $800, but I recently about in at about $1720 as I think world economic issues will get less stable and GOLD might be a harbor for safety....but one never knows because it has been on a ride straight up for a long time.

I feel I have been doing well...but I also feel inflation is low. I worry that inflation is really on the rise, and staying still means losing. Also, I think the future of taxes is uncertain.....let me revise and extend that remark, I think it is more certain that I'd like to think....TAXES for people who have ANY money will go up. They have to, because our country is in debt people w/o money can't exactly pay. (makes me feel STUPID for being a saver at times)

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Blogger Nick Jacobs said...

I can never get my money back when airfare drops, the airlines always find some way to charge you, even when you think you're getting a good deal!

2:22 AM EDT  

Sun micro systems has been around for a long time but the company has been unimpressive.

5:13 PM EST  

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