Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Move to Cash....wise, too late, or too little too late?

Well, I emailed my financial planner and asked him to move everything to cash. Yup....the Fanny Mae / Freddie Mac situation is glowing hot and things are not looking up in the general investment environment.

The market is lip sliding away.....stocks and bonds seem to be eroding as I watch.

So I'm at the point where I'm trying to decide what to do...but I just feel I have to stop the bleeding!

Is this a bad time to fall out, I suppose there is always a potential problem of selling low, buying high.....but I don't think this is the bottom.

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Blogger said...

The Value Of Money Today

The falling dollar is a big concern for all of us, it started with the mortgage crisis a year ago then to the real estate market.
Than oil started climbing it's way up and now the whole economy is in a complete mess.
Today for the average person to plan a trip to europe it's not easy, the euro is much higher than the dollar so everything that you calculate dollar wise for your trip is double or even more.
It's much cheaper for travelers from europe to come to the us to spend money because for them it's much cheaper.

Gasoline prices are like never before and will only continue to rise and like a domino effect everything will get more expensive, food, clothes, accessories, bottom line, all the basic needs will be harder to obtain.
The weak dollar is what caused the high prices and reduce purchasing power for all of us.
Some of you will say that changes in the economy like the ones we are living now happen all the time and no one can control them, true and not true.
True because it does happens all the time, and not true because we can prevent it by having a financial plan.
As I explained in some other articles I wrote, a financial planner will work just fine to most of us, as also some of us prefer to plan things by them selves which is fine too.

But in days like now when we're worried about our financial situation and our Homes, we're thinking about our mistakes and about what we could do if we were thinking in a different way.
Also how our life would look like if we had a financial plan for our family.
Real estate is on a very thin crest and it's about to turn to the other side of the bubble.
In the years 2003 to 2006 the real estate market was in a big bubble and everybody talked about it, now the real estate market is in a bubble again but it's going to the wrong direction.

The weak dollar as you can already tell is the result of many mistakes that we've all done:
Real estate, mortgages, oil, technology, etc.
know your plan and know it well, it's very hard to succeed, it's even harder to keep the success in our hands.
If you already have success good for you, so now you just need to keep this success in your hands and you're good to go.

But if you don't already have success, the steps are:
1. Make your self a plan
2. Work your plan 24/7
3. Master your plan
4. Set your self a Goal
5. Set your self a time frame
If you will follow these steps, you will definitely find the right way to success.

5:00 PM EDT  

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