Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A good Investopedia Article Outlining 5 Signs You Are Living Over Your Means

A pretty good pair of articles that talk about knowing when you are stretched, and then some steps to control the situation.

Here are the signs of being beyond your means: (here is the article)
Sign No. 1 - Your Credit Score is Below 600
Sign No. 2 - You are Saving Less Than 5%
Sign No. 3 - Your Credit Card Balances are Rising
Sign No. 4 - More Than 28% of Income Goes To Your House
Sign No. 5 - Your Bills are Spiraling Out of Control

Here are the 5 stratigies for survival: (here is the article)
1. Don't Buy What You Can't Afford
2. If You Can't Pay Cash, You Probably Can't Afford It
3. Paying Interest on Anything Makes Somebody Else Rich
4. If You Are in Debt, stop Spending Money
5. Don't Count on Somebody Else to Save You


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