Friday, June 20, 2008

Ross Perot is back with his charts...updated for the 21st century problems

Ross Perot is back again.....and I think he is sorely missed. (once again with charts in hand....errr, on a website I guess)

Yes, I worked for his effort back in 1992....and I voted for him twice.....and he sure did focus though on the right issues......thought I thought he was a bit of a hipocrite. (he touted UWSA as a bottoms up organization, when it clearly was not...but I digress)

But even with this, Perot was the perfect canary in the coal mine....he brought problems to light when others had trouble beinging them down to size enough for people to grasp.

His simple explanations were perfect....and they are again!

BTW: Perot was right....there is a "Great Sucking sound"...but not from Mexico.

So he has on sort of a come-back, not running for president....but trying to get the word out (apparently) in order to drive the presidential debate.

Good for him...and good for his charts.

Check them out at

Here is an article that describes the content and purpose of Perot's website.

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