Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The housing crunch hits the northeast....

Houses in Westford, Mass:
It is spring, and house sales are supposed to rise at this point.

I'm not sure how they have been going, but as I see from the average house prices in Westford Mass, they prices look to be falling.

I see that the average # of houses on the market in that town seems to have hovered aroung 51-52 for the last few I'm not sure if that means things are even selling.

Houses in Litchfield, NH:
Here is the graph for Litchfield, NH...the town I live in. I am surprised to see that it looks as though house prices are rising....but then, oit might be the fact that prices in the town were low to start with, and have actually been down about 12% from evaluation for the past year.

It's all a very complex picture....but it looks like selling and buying a house has become a much higher stakes games in recent months.

Good luck to all.....

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