Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hmmm......I guess this is the answer to a question I had a long time ago.....

The question was whether our decaying economic situation would result in a fast and abrupt collaps of markets or whether it would be a slow decay.

Looking at my portfolio results above for the last has been up and down on a daily basis....but pretty much a slow and constant decay as seen by the graph above.

This is what the Federal Reserve people call a "Soft Landing" sounds so something you want to would be quite a different feeling if they called it a "Slow Death"....or "death of a million cuts".

How to invest in times like these.....I believe these are times when people running the world economies are working hard to "rebalance" values and money in order to better represent the actual shifts of wealth.

Yes, it isn't like a grand puppet-master orchestrating it all...I'm not a conspiracy kind of guy....the world it too big for that....but at this point, everyone is working together to try and deflate the "balloon" of instability that our seemingly drunken credit binge seems to have left us with.

Where to to invest in times like these is the question......

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Interesting thing to think about.

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