Sunday, February 17, 2008

I find it interesting to read about the Great Depression of 1929

The graphic above seems like a pretty good synopsis of some of the factors-results, before-during and after the Depression.

I'm sure nothing is as simple as it seems in hind-sight. I say this because as I look at the economic situation today...I see quite a number of parallels too the Great Depression.....but are reminded that I saw similar things back in the early part of this century. ( is still early.....but I'm referring to back when the stock market crashed.)

I have since learned that our economy us massive, complex, and quite resilient. Like a living being, it has quite a desire to remain healthy and alive....and all by itself it has many defense mechanisms that kick-in.

Some of these defenses are brutal to us individuals in the failures, company layoffs.....all kinds of things that happen to "save the patient".

Some already see the handwriting on the wall....but I have not quite come the the conclusion that our economic goose is quite cooked.....but I would not at all be surprised if I woke up one day and found panic in the streets with people making a run on banks or perhaps more likely on our 401K accounts.

But than again....I don't think we can withdraw from life because of this fear. This is life, and unless we subscribe to the alternative (death) we will have to face it all.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't prepare in some ways.....for sure...diversify, save, "have things instead of money", stay out of debt....stuff like that I suppose.

But in the end, life is here to be enjoy it. (just don't go into debt to do that)



The second great depression continues stay tuned.

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