Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Economy Continues to Fall -YET- The Market Continues to Rise.....

Hmmm.......what;s up with this Stock Market. It actually makes less sense to me than the market in 2000.

I mean back then the news on the companies people were investing in was lousy.....that is, no profits in sight.....but the basic economy was sort of going along OK.

I mean all the problems we have today with debt and foreign trade were in existence....just not in as bad a shape as we have today.

But today, employment numbers went down, savings rates are negative, trade imbalance is wicked, housing sales are in the toilet, house prices are down, bankruptcies are up, new home construction is down, the dollar is losing value, the federal reserve has lowered rates twice in two weeks to keep the economy from flushing down the toilet, and we are exporting all our jobs.......and our politicians are trying to jump-start it all by adding more debt to the government so that we can go out and buy junk to pup up the economy or about a week.

What a mess.

We should be working to create long term solutions.....but instead, we will just give away money (print it) and make everyone feel better so they don't yank their money from 401Ks.

But in the face of all this....the stock market is rising. What is wrong with this picture?

Is this an indication that we are all going mad.......or is there something else at work here? What gives?

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