Monday, February 25, 2008

Confess your Money sins...the next step in Social Networking?

I was reading this YAHOO article on finance and how there are sites starting up to let people "confess their financial sins" online in a WEB 2.0 manner......via a social networking site of course!

Take GEEZEO as an example....It talks about being a site that makes it easy to track your finances...but it looks like a place to confess your "sins" least those of finance.
(more than just GREED I suppose)

Then there is MYVESTA.US which seems to say that it is a site to discuss personal finance assistance.....I have not looked around there much, but the article says it has a "confessional" of sorts for finance fopars.

Then lastly there is which seems to be more than for just finances......but a "full service" confessional for all your excesses!

I somehow think this will be a big hit....I mean people LOVE to see how others fail. Just look at how many rubber-neckers there are at a car accident, or when a police car pulls someone over. People seem to love to look out for the train wreck.....

PS: Per the article.....the article give a warning specifically for us Catholics:

Those Catholics wishing to absolve themselves via their computers should however be forewarned. In 2001, the Vatican said "no" to online confessions, as they lack the personal touch needed to provide the full benefit of the sacrament.

Oh...I'm not going to rush to use these sites, but I suspect many will.....especially the last one. I only wish I had invented it myself!



Social security has bee a great program.

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