Monday, November 05, 2007

Insurance rates in NH are suppsed to be costs are up.

I think I heard that insurance rates in NH have come down a bit...but my insurance costs seemed to have risen. (My house, car and umbrella policies will total $2534 this year)

I think the problem is a basic one for wife and I used to insure through a company that insures teachers. Well, when my wife passed away...the company took away our discount for teachers. So this year, I'm back at the "normal joe's" which this company is not so competitive.

I suppose it is always true that it pays to shop around. (I just started the shopping process today)



Blogger Angela said...

That's the amount we pay for just our car insurance on 3 cars, not including motorcycle and home. So don't complain!

11:17 AM EST  
Blogger Bigqueue said...

Yes, but I think your cars are much nicer and newer than mine.....and of course, you live in Mass vs NH.

But then again, I do have two daughters who are on my policies too....though only Kristen is under 21 and has driven less than 5 years. (thought Kristen is the one with the Jeep in come December, she will have the Civic, the newest car at that!)

1:24 PM EST  

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