Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've made my Vonage Losses Back!

I had initially invested $3000 in Vonage because I thought the idea of VoiP was a great one, and I thought they had real name recognition and an advanced lead in the market.

Boy was I wrong....and the world began to crash in on my $3000 investment. I sold half of it about half way down and then by the time I sold the second half, my $3000 had turned into a nice small $2000.
(which was easier to fit into my pocket for sure....but that's hardly a GOOD thing when it comes to investments)

So I set along to make my money back.

I decided that I needed to invest in a higher risk item, and that a Chinese stock would be just the ticket.

Well, I chose CHU (Chinese Unicom) and FXI (a Chinese IShare of 25 stocks).

Well, I am happy to say that the value of my investment as of today is $3032.95....so I am back in the money again! in fact, on about July 23rd, my investments here were worth $3436.....so I actually missed a nice high about a month ago. (But then I am more of a buy and hold investor with small reassessments every 6 months or so)

So I am sitting here reassessing once again....it is time. Should I sell? (or do I actually have much bigger fish to fry in my ever larger retirement account.....yes, I think I do. I will "let it ride" for now!)

It still feels good to make money.....

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