Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My mistake....feels like FREE money! (how stupid of me!)

If it were not due to my own stupidity, I would have considered myself double lucky today.

You see I have been looking at this "bill" I had in the kitchen for Spring classes at Rivier College. The bill was for $2550, and was due on June 6th, 2007.

At about that point, I was looking at my bank account level and knowing I just didn't have the money to pay I was going to defer it as long as I could.

I was going to put it on a credit card, except I really only have an American Express Mastercard is really a that wasn't going to work.

Well, I put it off until today, when I found that I had just enough money to pay it off. I called up with my Debit card in mind and was ready to pay the late interest fee.....but guess what? I had apparently paid this bill in May!


That's that they told current balance was ZERO. I own I instantly felt a shot of happiness travel up my spine.
(forgetting about how DUMB I was to not have accounted for all that properly for the past couple of months)

Anyways.....even though it was the result of my own mistake, I feel lucky today! I feel almost as though I just won free money!

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