Monday, June 18, 2007

Ronco goes belly-up! (but wait, theres more!)

That's right.....the company, RONCO has gone bankrupt. That's the company that was started by American Inventor Ron Popeil.

This is the news I heard this morning on the radio...and I suppose it isn't all that earth shattering in the grand scheme of things...but wor, what a surprise to me.

But don't worry.....Ron himself didn't go belly-up. No, he sold the company some number of years ago, he sold the company for $55 million. (he apparently is still owed $12 million from that deal)

Anyways, Ron was the guy who brought us the invention of the 1/2 hour informercial as well as products like the Popiel Pocket Fisherman, GLH (hair paint), the Chop-o-matic (veg-o-matic), etc....

Here are some classic informercials of Ron.

NOTE: This is a duplicate post also made in my JOURNAL.

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