Friday, February 09, 2007

Why do people BLOG about money?

I suppose people BLOG about money for the same reasons people BLOG about other things.

Some want to pass on a particular talent they have to others. Some want to further focus their own goals and if they force themselves to BLOG about it, they will tend to keep their eyes on the ball better.

Writing a BLOG can also create a sense of peer pressure as well, and this can keep people on the straight and narrow.

Over a year ago I found a Podcast that is quite simple in nature. It is called the Money Blogger Podcast, and it is a very simple format......a very simple interview format.

I love it, and I love it because it basically askes very similar questions to a number of Persoanal Finance BLOGGERS and finance authors. I love it because while we can read explanations of these same questions on most of these people's BLOGs, being an audio format, this Podcast adds all the audio inflection you get when you get people talking about things that they have a passion for.

Many of the BLOGGERS interviewed are a part of the PFBLOG list of money Bloggers.

Some Personal Finance Bloggers focus on simplicity, some on reducing debt, and others about how to invest or even very specialized topics like currency trading.

Not all people are alike....and neither are Personal Finance BLOGGERS.

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Anonymous The Digerati Life said...

Just wanted to say hi to a fellow engineer and pf blogger. :) I first came across your site when you discussed about your wife's passing. My sympathies to your family. I am following your progress and am inspired by your courage in getting things going despite such a blow. Wishing you all the best in blogging and beyond.

1:51 PM EST  

It pays to be thirfty

3:35 PM EDT  

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