Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eating through my food stocks!

I have a food budget of about $40 per week in my spreadsheet. I have spent about $28 in the last two weeks.....that's total for the two weeks, and about $10.00 of that was to buy a 15 pound bag of rice! (so that will be lasting a lot longer for sure)

How can this be....and I starving?

Hardly...I have been eating like a horse. I simply decided that with one person in the house, there was no need for all the food we had squirreled away in the house.

So I have taken to making different soups, or other concoctions from the various canned and frozen foods. I haven't even dipped into the real basic things yet...and I actually have quite a few pickled things I have not even moved upstairs. the variety will soon begin to go away, and I'm about out of I know I'm going to be hitting the store sooner than later....but still, even so, I should be able to get away with just buying the things I need to "augment" the various staples I still have lining the shelves.

I guess I'm just a cheap guy at heart....but I'm still a cheap guy who likes to eat!

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Food stocks can make excellent investments.

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