Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cool Approach to Creating Demand Solar Energy Use through Lowering the Cost of Entry!

I went to a local Home Show today in Manchester, NH and I came across a cool is company called CitizenRE, at the website

They take the up-front cost of solar energy and make it go away! They do this by essentially leasing the solution to you....but with a very interesting wrinkle...they calculate your average power usage, design a system to meet that average daily load exactly, and then install the system for FREE
(no purchase or installation cost)...all you have to do is sign a 25 year lease to them for the exact amount of your average monthly energy bill.

This is kind of cool because your energy bills then remain constant for the next 25 years....which a actually a great deal, unless you think energy costs are going to go down.
(Which I suppose they could....but I doubt it given the rate of energy growth world is currently has and the amount of energy we import into the USA.) If energy costs continue to rise at least at the rate of inflation, then the system will actually be "saving" you significant money in a few years....and the unit is transferable to the next owner so it will actually raise the value of your home!

Another great aspect of all this, the CitizenRE company takes care of all maintenance and repair! (as part of your lease)

The company itself is very vertically integrated with the company incorporated in Delaware, the hardware design happening in Cambridge Ma, and their solar array assembly plant being constructed in Maryland.

Their system is also quite simplified as well with what they call an inverter-less design. Ok, it isn't actually sans-inverter....the inverter is integrated into the solar panel when you add arrays, you automatically add exact matching inverter all scales perfectly!
(and there are no batteries because it relies on net-metering laws to run the meter backwards when you have a surplus of energy being made)

But this means you need to have a good Net-metering law in your state to make this interesting.....but they have a page on their site that talk about those laws in all 50 states.




Not a bad way tolook at the world.

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