Friday, December 08, 2006

Wholesale Clubs are not my bag! (this post explains why)

I signed up for a BJ's Wholesale Club 60 day pass, and I have been to the store three times so far. The first trip was just to look around, and the last two to shop.

I initially went in to find a chair and a lamp for my wife, and I quickly found out that shopping at a wholesale club is a lot like shopping at Building 19. (a store that sells insurance recovered merchandise and has the motto GOOD STUFF CHEAP) The problem I have with both of those stores is that you just can't reply om any pasrticular thing being in stock. (except for perhaps food)

My wife and I went in to BJs on another occasion when we were looking for an electric blanket for my daughter. They had them, but only in King and Queen. (the selection was nil too)

Then, tonight I went in looking for a battery for my daughters 1998 Jeep Cherokee. There is not much special about that battery, except that BJ's simply didn't have anything like it in stock.

I skipped over to Walmart, and they had three batteries that for the Jeep and I had a choice.
(and the prices were better on batteries in general)

My point is simply that it seems that BJ's (and probably all the clubs) are not general merchandise shops....they carry a lot of very popular things, but they are lacking of many of the less mainstream items. (and sizes)

Besides, I am more of a bargain shopper. BJ's does not seem to have sales...and I thrive at searching out sales. I think lazy shoppers might benefit from "club" shopping.....but I find it even a bit boring.

Such is life......

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Blogger WMFNYC said...

Besides being a bargin shopper you're obviously a typical American shopper who has no regard for workers rights, or what big box stores do to your neighborhoods, maybe once you realize how much they actually raise your taxes you'll get the message. But don't worry I guess in your eyes there's not much more to life than cheap underware....

10:40 AM EST  
Blogger Bigqueue said...

This is an interesting comment and I'm not sure what it was that I said in particular that inspired it.

Yes, I am a typical definition the odds are that this would be true.

I honestly don't know where I would get underware except at a big box store....I don't know if you happened to pick a particularly bad example, or this has some significance to you.

Perhaps the issue is what the definition of "Big Box Store" me every sort of department store from Sears to Walmart fits that bill. I would even count Macies and Filenes in there if you consider that much of their apparel comes from the same factories except they seem to think they can get a higher mark-up on it.

With regard to workers rights, I'm not sure exactly what in my post (or any of my posts) leads you to any conclusion on what I think of workers rights. Sure, I know of slave labor conditions that exist all around the world...but I'm not sure how I can differentiate that from a tag in the store...

I try my best to get things that are made in the USA, because I totally support my country. This is why I bought a Honda Civic.....the 75% US made parts and labor were more than the comparable FORD or GM car. (and IMHO, it has better quality too...Toyota was close except it was assembled in Canada)

So I guess I would appreciate more information on your opinion, and not just a hit and run comment. (I accept any and all comments....and I'm big enough to accept the fact that I'm not perfect....but it isn't very easy to get better if I have no clue we to what the critisism is about)

1:46 PM EST  

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