Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gift Card buying, selling and trading!

Tis the season for giving...and a blogging friend of mind reminded me that a gift card is a great thing to get for someone who is a bit tough to buy for. Sure, you may know they like tools, but have no clue as to which particular tool they really want.

Ditto for perfume....or name it and you could be facing a potential exchanged gift. (for style, size, smell...) You can of course get generic gift cards from Visa or American Express too.

So while a gift card isn't the first present that comes to mind, I'd have to say that it is one of those things I would get around to considering once I ran out of ideas. (They are just not on the front of my buying list)

So while buying a gift card is a part of my vocabulary, I never realized there was a sort of after-market to buy, sell and trade these cards. (Gift Card Trading just never occurred to me)

Apparently EBay has a special area to transact gift-card buying/selling. Then there are specialty vendors like CardAvenue, CertificateSwap, GiftCardsAgain, GiftCardBuyBack and PlasticJungle.

These places have different fees and costs, but they have been invented to facilitate the sale, purchase and exchange of gift cards.

If you have a gift card you want to get rid of....or have one you might want to get for a slight discount, you might want to check out the above websites.

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Anonymous Buy Gift Cards said...

Another great place to buy gift cards is at - they offer discount gift certificates all over the US!

11:24 AM EDT  

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