Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Update on my small individual stock portfolio

I have been playing with a pretend stock portfolio on CAPS.FOOL.COM, trying to see how well I do.

My rating over the last month looks like the graph on the left, and I have only been marginally succesful. I chose my stocks based on some knowlege and a bit of "feeling"....one way or the other. Since I didn't really have any skin in this game, I figured I could worry less about facts and go more with general feeling.

The investments I chose include FXI (a Hong Kong ETF fund) to go up, SKS (Saks Fifth Avenue) to go down, USB (US Bancorp) to go up, SSRI (Silver Commodities) to go up, CHU (China Unicom) to go up, VG (Vonage) to go down, CHL (China Mobile Limited) to go up, and SUNW (Sun Microsystems) to go down.

I am winning overall with only SKS, USB and SUNW not performing as planned. (I'm glad Sun is going up since I actually own Sun stock as an employee....I only bet against it for the game)

But all of this is great......what about the actual stock I own?

Well, I think I mentioned before that the majority of my investment money is NOT in individual stocks, but in a variety of funds and bonds. I do have a small cache of cash that I play with.....and at this point I have about 50% of it in CHU and the other half in cash. (I sold that VG stock a couple of weeks ago at just over $7.00 at a fair loss from $9.00)

The CHU has been a little rough going in the last two weeks, but it has never gone below what I own it for, and it is back on the rise again now. I'm looking for an opportunity to put that cash money into...any ideas?

As I noted before, I also own a number of shares of Sun Microsystems stock, being an employee. I don't plan on selling that any time soon because the company is doing well and the stock price seems to be on the mend.

But I have to put my mind to where I am going to place that cash!!!

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