Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our Electric Bill Savings is visible!

It was only about a month ago (October 17th) that I BLOGGED about an energy measuring device called the the Kill A Watt, and it was with that post that I became conserned about our energy bills.

Our electricity costs had risen to about $100 or more a month and this was quite high for us.

Well, we just received our bill for the period of October 13th through November 10th and I am happy to report that it was only $74.86! (495 KWH) Also NOTICE that we missed 4 days of savings at the start of the billing period!

In fact, the bill has a little graph of electricity usage (to the right) and you can see that we have in fact been trying to save for the past 2 months or so and that our average daily consumption this past month is way down below the prior 11 months!

I think tools like the Kill A Watt made it crystal clear that things like computer monitors are bit money sinks, and that it REALLY makes sense to shut them down.

I think the Kill A Watt cost me about $29, and I almost paid for it in a month. (of course, not all the savings should be attributed to that device, but you get the picture)

Anyways......our basic savings routine now includes:
  1. Turn off all computers and monitors when not in use. (we still leave two computers on all the time, but the monitors OFF)
  2. Turn off all lights when you leave the room, and minimize lights while in room.
I guess you can save money if you put your mind to it!

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