Friday, October 27, 2006

Now the Energy Efficiency Initiative Makes Sense to me!!

I just read an article that puts the growth of the world into perspective for me. I now see great opportunity persented by the quick growth of China and India.

Unfortunately, the article points out that it will be China themselves who will be running into these if we are not quick to act, they will be the people fixing the problem for themselves. (in terms of inventing and producing the solution.)

What problem am I describing...the giant crunch for resources as the people of China and India come to the day where their per-capita consumption rises to that of the USA. According to the article, there are just too many people...and consumption at that level is not possible.

The article note that China by itself would use ALL of the worlds oil supply per year if they had a transportation infrastructure akin to what we have in the USA. (three cars per four people)

So what's my great idea....strike first by solving these problems. The problems seem to be around energy, food and a whole gaggle of other natural resources.

I'm sure China will find it's way to solving these problem when they start actually getting in the way of growth....but what a value add it would be if we were standing there waiting with the solution in hand....ready to SELL it to them. (but we have to make that sense in selling them the idea so they can make it!)

I just came across this group who appears to be associated with the US Government (see the email addresses of .gov) and they appear to be working with China to solve these very issues I discuss. That's great that they will be resolved, but let's get the USA in as part of the solution! We need a piece of that to allow is to have a "value add". If we just give away out ideas, it's no wonder we can't export enough to cover our input needs.

Just a another; let's go off and find leaders who feel like leading us to success in our economic struggles. (if we only had candidates who would bring this sort of thing to the front burner)


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