Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Electric bills are soaring....time for an energy auditWell

Well, my wife and I have been watching the electric bill go up for a year or so. Our last few bills topped the $100 per month mark, and this set off alarm bells in my head.

So I decided to make an electrical energy audit of the house on a room by room basis. I will be making out a spreadsheet with every electrical device in each room, and calculating a room by room power draw with typical usage patterns.

This is a good idea, but how was I going to estimate some of the devices around the house?

Answer.....the Kill-A-Watt device.

This is an inexpensive device that measures voltage and current of a load on an AC line and calculates instantanious power as well as long term power usage. (very useful for measuring devices that have irregular power patters)

Oh I bought a Kill-A-Watt on EBay for $24 and I'm planning on doing a bunch of
measurements to get a sense of where the low hanging fruit may be

I will be posting graphs and spreadsheets that show you the kind of savings I am targeting


Blogger This is a tie said...

Instead of working with the Kill-a-watt, which is actually an awesome product, try using the TED5000. When it comes to energy usage monitors strictly based on software. I think the Kill-A-Watt is a great product but should be used for seeing where usage is wasted. The TED5000 should be used for forecasting which is sometimes more helpful.

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