Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roubini makes a nice summary of out path to the present issues in our economy....

Noriel Roubini outlines a very straight forward description of the events leading up to our present situation. He notes that the regulators have solved the excesses of one bubble by creating yet another. "Serial bubble makers".

According to Roubini, if the economy is a party, the fed is the controller of the punch bowl.....and when the fed saw the partiers getting a little to drunk and going into an unsustainable bubble position, they should have taken away the punch bowl....but they instead added volka and whisky...causing us to "fix" that bubble with yet another and larger one somewhere else.

He thinks we might be out of places to build bubbles, and it might be time to address the problem.

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Noriel Roubini has been right on some things but very wrong on other things.

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