Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What do you think of this proposal?

This isn't my idea....I just read about it in a BLOG which pointed to Dave Ramsey's webpage.

It is called "The Common Sense Plan", and I have heard people mention several of these proposals in the past few days.....I'm not sure I've seen them all put in one place.

I'm certainly no expert on these things.....but it does look like it might do similar things....."solidify" the sick mortgages that exist while not letting the people owing on them or those who they owe them too off the hook.

It seems to do things to "prop-up" the sagging housing market, but making it "profitable" to jump in and grab up things at low prices.

Sounds like an interesting idea....and what we need are ideas.....clever and sound thinking.

Tell me what you think?!!



That a really interesting proposal.

8:26 PM EST  

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