Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OMG: 504 Point loss in the DOW....what to do?

Today was another in a string of busy days at work.....it has been this way for about 2 weeks now, and it is both hectic and exciting. Exciting because issues and problems just seem to be piled up everywhere I look....and potential "stop ship" situations have presented themselves more than a handful of times in that time. (and given the time we are at nearing the end of the quarter, this would be the WORST timing if they happened....our product is selling very well, and we need to maximize revenue!)

So Busy I Missed A Big Day On Wallstreet:
I was so "preoccupied" with work that I never really got to look at the stock market today....and I'm glad I didn't look because it was apparently very messy. The market ended up down 504 points, and headlines like those below were posted at the end of it all:

Paulson: Americans Should Remain Confident in U.S. Financial System
Meltdown in US finance system pummels stock market
Dow Down 500: It Could Have Been Worse, but 'Crash' Risk Remains, Roubini says
Big Risk: Surging Debt Makes U.S. More Dependent on China, Russia, Gulf States

Not Meant as a Negative Post:
I know this is a pretty negative post, and I don't mean that. I like to keep this Journal positive.....one might consider my Personal Finance Blog to be negative....but even there, I try NOT to be negative, but try to reason my way in and around my investment ideas. It is true that I have been very down on the US debt in this world....and our outsourcing flood over the last decade.....but even so, I try hard NOT to be negative there.

Learn To Be A Saver:
What to do....well, that's probably a matter better handled in my money BLOG, but I would say that it is time to stay away from debt....become a saver if you are not already. Where to put your savings is the question....well, I was feeling really bad about my move of about 20% of my portfolio into international currency two weeks ago...the dollar seemed to keep strengthening and it looked like a BAD MOVE....but in one 504 point loss day, I feel like an Einstein....I think the USA will have to start up the printing presses and a devaluing dollar might again be in the cards.

Either way....credit will be tight, debt will be messy....and savings is in style again. (IMHO)

Check out this video made by the maker of the Mad Money Machine Podcast.

Check out this video.....pretty scary prediction.

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