Friday, September 26, 2008

Economy uncertain, the Markets seesaw and PETA is outraged and working overtime!

With the economy stuck in neutral, the financial sector frozen and close to insolvent, the stock market doesn't quite know what to do.....

Yesterday everyone was looking at economic statistics on jobs, housing sales, inflation and factory production. Today no one seems to be looking at the fundamentals and everyone is staring and waiting to see what sort of bailout plan is being passed.....

It seems that equity markets rise and fall on an almost daily basis.....and we see a rapid seesaw action in the big averages.

All of this has resulted in a massive increases in the regular "around the water cooler" discussions of meat, and this have the people at PETA outraged!

Because of the up and down "grinding" of the markets:

  • Bulls get slaughtered
  • Bears get ground into hamburg
  • The position of "cash cows"(sometimes known as Chickens) is slowly getting softened by rising inflation

In an odd turn, PETA might actually be hoping for the bailout, because with it, the Pigs that normally get slaughtered will be saved! (Especially true of the high level piggy CEOs and leaders....but then I should have seen this coming from my reading of Animal Farm!)

It truly is an odd world we live in.....

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Great pictures.

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