Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hmmm....it is happening....China is growing to be a big market....when will they be #1?

This Financial Times article states that China has just past the USA as the #1 consumer of Japanese goods......yikes, I know they are closer to them than we are, but I was always led to believe that it would take China several decades to consume at our levels.

Sorry Charlie....they seem to be getting there sooner than that.

So what happens when they are the #1 consumer nation? What will our place be in the world....what will the world need the USA for? (I submit that our value add today is that we consume and pay for the goods made so that these other emerging countries can build up their infrastructure.

In fact, these countries loan us money to make our purchases.....sort of "bootstrapping" their own growth.



China will over take the USA.

2:51 PM EDT  

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