Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An interesting article that talk about "intervention" for those with "spending / debt" problems

My girlfriend is an addictions councelor so she would have a lot better read on the additions angle on this thought.....but I think the article is an interesting read.

From the article:

Financial interventions, by contrast, are usually conducted by amateurs on impulse. And giving up money isn't an option.

"Financial mismanagement is more like an eating disorder," Willis said. "We have to have a relationship with food, and we have to have a relationship with money."

And instead of breaking through someone's denial, face-offs over money often just lead to resentment.

Check it out. I think we all know people that we can see who are steering their "ship" toward the rocky coastline.....and we want to just reach out and grab the rudder. (described as a train wreck in this article)

But I guess it isn't all that easy.

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The debt bomb keeps building when it goes it will be unlike any other economic period the world has ever known.

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