Thursday, October 18, 2007

Roll the Dice?

So here we are looking into an uncertain world of least as I see it.

I have to admit that I am NOT a investment guru, and not even good enough to consider being a day-trader. So how is it that I can sit here and even ask the question about "rolling the dice"?

Well, talk is cheap....and typing is not much more expensive.

I'm just thinking that even though I am not much of a gambler, I like the idea of putting my buck into the lottery when the rewards get over say $150 can't win unless you play!

So my musings here are simply that.....but who knows.....given my life changes in the last year, I might just go for broke with a little chunk of change.

But what would I invest in? I'm not sure.....I guess I might take risks and try to short things.....given my thoughts that things will eventally pull back.

But I admit that I have no crystal ball and have no idea as to when, never mind IF things will slip.

How about realestate? No way....not for me. I might consider buying something for possible rental income, but I would never consider the value of the realestate itself will do anything but go down.

But again.....I never owned a crystal ball, and my magic 8-ball is at home right now....sorry....I guess I'm not much of a gambler.

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