Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oops...forgot about the travel refund....

Cash flow is kind.....

I have a budget that shows me being ever so slightly in the red every month. But that assumes that some of my costs are distributed evenly across every month.

So by the end of the year, I fully expect to have to take some money out of one investment or another to ultimately balance the books.

But for now, it looks as though my normal and natural cash flow is ever so slightly in the black. But this month things looked a little closer to broken. It basically had to do with some school expenses for the girls this summer. They all hit on last month's bill. (I had a $13,000 monthly bill!)

Well, I moved things around a bit.....defered some of it on a credit card (not to pay it off in time, just to delay it another 20 days or so so that I can get another paycheck in the bank) So generally, everything was in balance.

This at the beginning of the week, I received a couple of medical bills I just did not expect. Not all that large, but definately above the target set on the radar.

I pulled things aside and did a low-level calculation of cash flow over this coming month......my checking account was dipping mighty close to ZERO.

Then on Monday, I received a check from Sun for my travel a month or so ago...and I totally forgot about that $1900 coming back my way....so I deposited it last night and that gave me the breath I needed to go on without worry.

Oh well....I guess I still have things to learn about my own finances!

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