Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Of could I forget the "Garage Sale" Option?

I have a basement (and attic) full of "stuff" that really needs to be gone through and gotten rid of...and I have been doing this for several years...a little bit at a time.

Our only point of sale for these things has been the yearly Flea Market trip. We did this because the local Londonderry Gardens Flea market has a great deal where they give you your first sale day for FREE. (so long as you stay between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm)

The combination of weather and poor time management has not given me the opportunity to plan my trip to the flea market.....besides, I don't have my truck any longer so getting things over there will be harder in the van. (and it will probably take more than one session to sell all the stuff I have)

It just occured to me that I could put things out and have a yard sale (or garage sale...or tag sale if you are from the DC area)

This would be a weekend that I might allocate to staying home and doing yard work....I can set everything up in the morning, put out the signs and go about my daily work waiting for people to come and buy.

I normally sell things at crazy "this thing must go" prices....because I basically want to get rid of this stuff, but still feel it has value and would be a shame to throw away.

So I think the Yard sale is I just have to figure out how to set it up and advertise it properly.

NOTE: I will of course take photos and BLOG about my experiences!

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