Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'll take my simple life in NH thank you......

I have been in San Jose California for work this past week, and my initial observation was how nice the weather is here. It has been hot, but very dry and comfortable.

But my next observation was how EXPENSIVE things are here! Yikes, and these guys seem to have taxes on taxes too. Everything has some sort of tax, and even without that, everything is erxpensive.

I've gone to Safeway stores to buy myself various snacks and little things for lunch, and wow have I found things to be expensive. My little block of cheddar cheese that I get for $2.50 per pound is like $3.75 per pound! Raisins are about $2.75 for the same package I buy for about $2.25 in NH.

Cashews I buy at home for $8.59 are running about $10.50! Then, forget about gasoline....I just shopped around and found Regular at about $3.59 per gallon.

People who work for Sun in California have a slight location differential on us on the east coast....something like another 3%...but I don't think it is really worth it. I like NH, our "low tax" mentality, and while we don't have the lowest cost of living in the country.....the wage to cost of living ratio is great.

Besides....beautiful weather 365 days a year is a bit over-rated anyways!

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