Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why do I Blog about Personal Finance?

I have NOT been tagged, but I decided to try to answer the question: Why do I Blog?

I Blog about money and Personal Finance because it lets me focus on these topics myself. It causes me to think about it each and every least to the extent that I have to in order to post.

The personal finance topic helps me think about my own spending, and my home budget.

My posts about the economy and investment allow me to think about topics that help me focus my retirement and savings money into places that better enhance the growth of these.

I'm not a day fact, I am a buy and holder, but I do follow the principle that I need to re-balance my investments every year.

The thoughts in my BLOG help me with this re-adjustment.

Now for the $69,000 question....does this extra focus help me actually make better decisions?

So far, the jury is out on that.

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Blogger Janice said...

>>>I have NOT been tagged

O.K.... TAG you are IT!

You have also been linked to my web site for a few months now. :D


5:03 PM EST  

Nice post

3:59 PM EDT  

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