Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sears Scratch and Dent in Manchester

It struck me a couple of years ago that the "scratch and dent" sales business seems to have gone away.

There used to be a place in Salem NH that would sell all kinds of appliances with minor damage at fantastic savings.

We boug several appliances there and they were great. one of them was a refrigerator that had a scratch low on the left side....well, we happen to have the refrigerator agains the cabinets to the viola, no problemo!

Ditto for a washer/dryer we bought once. Since they were hidden behind a set of accorrdian doors, we didn't care much that they had a scratch.

Well, there seems to be a place like this in Manchster NH. It is the Sears parts center, and they happen to sell slightly damaged and refurbished goods. Everything from gas grills to washer/dryers...TVs, refrigerators.....lots of things.

The prices seemed pretty good to me. The only thing I am thinking of is to replace our current electric stove with a gas stove. But I am not in any sort of rush.

Anyways, this store is up on Brown Ave...just past the airport on the left as you travel north.

They don't have everything all the with any scratch and dent, things are hit or miss.

Check them out.

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Sears is a basket case.

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