Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Low-Cost Internet Eyewear Sales to the Rescue!

I have VSP (Vision Service Plan) at work and my eye doctor contacted me to remind me that it was time to get my eyes checked.

So I went in and it turns out my left eye has gotten a little weaker, and I am now in the range where I need bifocals (or a progressive multi-focal lens) So I sit down, pick a frame and the whole bill comes out to about $150. (including $25 co-pay for the exam, and $25 co-pay for the frames)

The next day (Friday) I get a call from a worker at the doctors office telling me that made a mistake with the date of my VSP coverage. It turns out I would not be covered for frames until January 2008, and that this would cost me another $150!

I really wasn't excited to spend that kind of money so I decided to cancel the glasses all together and wait until January.

But when I got home that night, I decided to go online and search out inexpensive eye-wear, and I found several sites that claimed to have some really great deals. They noted $9.00 and $8.95 glasses....so I took a closer look.

Well, I figured the prices were OK, and I would take a risk on the frame and lens quality. I would simply throw the glasses away if they were not that good. (besides, it is sort of exciting to take a risk...albeit a cheap, low cost no-brainer)

So I ordered a pair of single prescription $8.95 stainless steel frames, and a $51.95 set of fancier progressive len frames also in stainless.

What the heck....$65 for two pair of glasses. Less than half of what I had paid for the one on Thursday.

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Blogger moonfever0 said...

Check out these other options from Dawn at Frugal for Life: http://www.frugalforlife.blogspot.com/2007/02/2280-for-pair-of-glasses.html

Adam needs new lenses, so I'm not sure if I can get just lenses, or have to get him all new glasses. I bet they don't have Spongebob glow-in-the-dark frames as an option..

The other issue is fit. You just can't try one online glasses!

10:24 AM EST  

Cannot go wrong with that one.

3:58 PM EDT  

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